Logo Design

Magical Creations Logo (Award winning)
RUDA (Rural Non-Farm Development Agency), a government firm selected the above logo in a state logo design competition organized to create logo for Magical Creations, an outlet for selling handicraft products of Rajasthan. The aim was to promote rural handicrafts all over India.
The logo incorporates a peacock with three feathers each carrying unique prints (Bhandej, Leheriya, Kattha) of Rajasthan depicting the beautifully handcrafted products from Rajasthan.

Pixalsoft is a software solution company.The logo incorporates initials 'P' and 'S',abstracted in such fashion that it forms the face of the company.

The company invests in website ideas and also provide them mentoring and other resources to succeed.The logo incorporates a 3-d structure of ā€˜Iā€™ and ā€˜Cā€™ representing initials of the company. It also shows an arrow, split into two halves. First half is static and the second half is dynamic hence, showing the ability of the company to transform a static business into the speedy one.

Babylon Hospital
The logo incorporates initial 'B' with the mother and child silhouette.

World Hindi Conference 2012 (Concept)
The logo was a proposal for the contest. It shows an amalgamation of Gandhi ji's spectacles and the word 'Hindi' in Hindi. Gandhi ji had a significance in South Africa where this conference took place.

TRAI (Concept)
The logo was a proposal for the contest organized by TRAI. The logo represents the history of communication in India.
Pigeon age ----- Paper age ----- Digital Age


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