Quick Serve

iPad app for bank employees to serve customers
The Goal
To design an app that would help in transforming retail customer experience from “Transactional” to a “Relationship-oriented” model.

The Solution
Designed an app with customer focused experience approach thereby bringing the bank to the customer, keeping in mind multi-stakeholder,
multi-product line, multi-market, multi-currency and multi-customer segment.

Solution Approach
A four phased approach

The screens

Login screen

Customer Landing page

The wireframe and Visual design screens


Visual Design


1.Long scroll replaced by sequential steps for better user experience on iPad.



2.The interaction for bar graph wherein each bar was divided into blocks (Fig 1) with important information displayed on each block.
On tapping the bar, the blocks separate out and the description is shown adjacent to each of them (Fig 2)

Fig 1

Fig 2

Task flow diagram

Key Highlights
Handled a complex module of Account Opening (that included 15+ functionalities) solely.
Immense positive buzz with direct customer and user feedback to the management in M1 of launch.
Press mentions, including the MorningStar.
Over 25% productivity gains through Service Manager Tests.
A scalable architecture that can accommodate more than 500 banking functionalities without hampering the customer experience.
Quick adoption and acceptance by users.
Stats show that the 63% (i.e. 5 out of 6) agents used the iPads across UK branches and there were around 85,000 successful transactions.
Also received feedback from individual agents about their experiences.

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