Account Summary Redesign

MIT Workshop, Track: ICICI Future of Banking
The Problem Statement
Redesigning the ICICI account summary to help people understand their transactions in a better way and help bank to pitch the right offers at right time to right people.

The Solution
Designed the infographics of the account summary wherein,
The amount is defined by the size of the circle.
Debits and Credits are color coded with Red and Green respectively.
Offers pitched according to the analytics of customer's spending trends.
An overview of the Credits, Debits and Money remaining in the account.
The transactions can be grouped as pre-defined categories like Food, Clothing etc.
Also, new categories can be added by the user.

1. All transactions view                                                                                    2. Split As Day view

3. Group as Category view                                                                                                  4. Breakup of Category view

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